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An interactive performance exploring the personal and political legacy of Margaret Thatcher. The audience are invited to Mrs. Thatcher’s very own traditional English tea party. With lip-sync, clown, and verbatim theatre the audience are encouraged to bring
their anger or admiration in the comforts of cake and cucumber sandwiches.


Created and performed by Jack Boal, who grew up in Thatcher's former constituency, Thatcher-Rite puts the personal and political side by side. Her mark on the cultural, social and political notions of Englishness begs the question,“Has Mrs. Thatcher truly left us?"

Directed by Lila Robirosa

Costume by Corinna Francavilla

Produced by Mia Young

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ North West End 

"I was overcome with conflicting emotions for about an hour as I considered the absurdity of political performativity... The performance combined multimedia with the public’s involvement in an exceptionally clever way."

★ ★ ★ ★ One Show More

"The performance is kept fun and light throughout, full of laughter. A perfect way to start a conversation and to reflect on what you stand for and what kind of community you would like to be part of."

"Boal delivers a surprisingly nuanced portrayal of the former PM, breathing some remorse and self-awareness into the otherwise despicable beast" - The Upcoming

Audiences have described Thatcher-Rite as "nuanced... experimental... and utterly original piece"


Made with the support from artsdepot, Raze Collective, Something To Aim For and HighRise Theatre.

Photo by Jenna Coombs


idiots. gay idiots.

A vaudevillian cabaret night where funny gay idiots are funny, gay and idiotic. Platforming alternative comedy performance this cabaret is sort of hosted by Grace Fool, and actually hosted by Jennifer Schmennifer. Expect drag, clowns, comedians & straight-up tomfoolery.

"For fans of comedy or performance art who’d like a dip into a more alternative selection of performers, it provides an eclectic and, ultimately, entertaining evening" - The Reviews Hub

"London's best cliche-free drag nights, 2022" - Time Out

More info at

Photo by James Klug.

UK New Artist Collective

Selected from a national open call, The New Artist Collective is a cross-disciplinary group of 18 artists, who will work collaboratively as well as individually over the next year in Lincoln; sharing our work; undertaking commissions and collective activities, and taking part in training, networking and mentoring.

Find out more about the the Collective here.

GUSH Image 1.jpg

GUSH by Abby Vicky-Russell

Neil is a plumber from Sheffield.

He’s been called in on short notice to fix a leak at the Vaults Studio, so a contemporary dance troupe can continue performing their very important piece exploring the relationship between pomegranates and vulvas.

He can fix taps, sinks and baths with his eyes closed – but hasn’t got a spanner for what matters most.

Written and Performed by Abby Vicky-Russell

Directed by Will Armstrong

Assistant Directed by Lois Pearson

Produced by Jack Boal

Set Design by Martha Armitage

At Edinburgh Fringe 2023 from the 16th to 28th of August at Assembly Festival, The Crate. Recipient of the Keep It Fringe Fund.

★★★★★ The Reviews Hub

"Gush proves to be an ingenious and fresh way of approaching a vital discussion"

★★★★ Broadway World

"Gush turns out to be exceptionally stirring."
★★★★ Liam O'Dell
"Gush is a powerful and important plea to reattribute the shame around sexual assault to the abuser, to break down the harmful prevailing narrative around this sensitive topic, and to invite healthier and gentle conversations on this issue."

Origins Award nominee at VAULT Festival 2023.

Supported by Sheffield Theatres.

CPT-Starting Blocks-37.jpg

The Children are Leaving

The climate apocalypse approaches and Grace Fool, an out-of-work clown, faces her final hour all on her own. Or so she thinks. On Earth's final night, something more life changing than the end of the world sets Grace Fool on an unexpected journey of revelation and hope.

Design by Egon Centrik

From January to March 2022 I took part in Camden People's Theatre's annual artist development programme, Starting Blocks. During my time on Starting Blocks I developed The Children are Leaving.

More info about my experience of Starting Blocks can be found here


NewGens & The Concrete Jungle Book

NewGens is a youth collective overseen and delivered by HighRise Theatre, with the aim to give underrepresented creatives a route into higher education and job opportunities in the arts.

We made our debut with The Concrete Jungle Book - a Hip-Hop musical retelling of the classic story.

★★★★★ - Always Time For Theatre

★★★★ - Theatre Weekly

★★★★ - North West End

★★★★ - Musical Theatre Review

★★★★ - Lost In Theatre Land

"The enthusiasm of the cast is what engages the audience with The Concrete Jungle Book, but even its youngest patrons won’t fail to pick up on the underlying themes that make this such an important piece of theatre, one which reinvents Kipling’s original in a way that Disney could never have hoped to achieve." - Theatre Weekly 

Photo by Alex Brenner

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