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Jack is a working-class performance artist from North London. He makes work that is inherently political and entertaining, engaging audiences to create dialogue on the present and future through drag, clowning and interactive performance.

He explores the forms of cabaret, live art and theatre to communicate the personal and political in one. Motivated by a curiosity of personalities that stir deep emotional reactions, you will find humour, charm and theatricality throughout his work.

His work and practice have been supported by:

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He was part of Camden People's Theatre annual artist development programme, Starting Blocks, in 2022.

Jack is part of the UK New Artist Collective.

If you want to talk through a project, need an outside eye, or would like to know more, do get in touch.

For upcoming performances go here.

Photo Credit: Phil Sharp


An ongoing signpost to great people doing great things

Agente129 - Barcelona based arts agency working in dance and lighting.

Arts Peers - Arts professionals paying it forward with resources and advice.

Bernie Grant Arts Centre - Flagship performing arts centre and home for diverse artists, audiences and creative businesses.

Bodens - My North London youth theatre alma mater.

Camden People's Theatre - Supporting emerging artists in the field of unconventional theatre.

Corinna FrancavillaCostume maker.

Chelsea Theatre - Theatre and community arts space in West London.

Christopher Green - Entertainer sensation.

Duckie - Performance and shenanigans.

Eòlia - Mi alma mater Catalana.

Frankie Thompson - Clown and theatre maker.

HighRise Theatre - My mentors and theatre collective for forgotten communities.

Oliver Ventress - Video and installation artist.

The Glory - LGBTQ+ venue and nightclub space in East London.

The Lab Collective - Theatre company creating interactive, game, and installation theatre.

Lila Robirosa - Friend, performance artist, writer and theatre maker.

Meg Hodgson - Theatre maker, clown and technician.

Milk Presents - Theatre company of protest and celebration.

Raze Collective - Charity dedicated to nurturing queer performance.

Rebecka Öberg​ Friend, theatre maker, film maker and performer.

Rose Bruford College - My alma mater.

Something To Aim For Charity supporting public health and (re)building social fabric.

Shakespeare Sisters - Film directing duo.

Streatham Space Project - Multi-purpose arts venue in Streatham, South East London.

UK New Artists - Champions the next wave of creativity, supporting collaboration and intercultural dialogue across the UK.

Will Armstrong - Friend, actor, director, comedian and drag queen step-sister.

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